Yeah… here I am, wasting time looking at some awesome pictures instead of writing about what I should write about. Well, that’s not so bad, after all, since I wasn’t looking at some gallery online, this was a gallery that uses Flogr, today’s topic! ...Read More

About Me 3000 ver. 1.6 released

Hello, Just fixed issue that caused a “you do not have sufficient permissions” error in WordPress 3.0 and up. You can go and download new version here . Sorry for inconveniences. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions for next development. ...Read More

Free Christmas Patterns

These days, the Internet is full of Christmas-related graphics awesomeness, but I must admit I hate placing quantity above quality, so I spent some time looking for the best Christmas patterns for all of you and here’s what I came out with… 1. slavetofashion69’s ...Read More

Free fonts

When you are designing a new website, the font are almost the most important part of the site. An inspired font can make your website to look fantastic. But an ugly can ruin it. I will show you now a few free fonts to choose from. 1. Gentium. ...Read More

Top paying keywords for Adsense

Every publisher knows what Adsense means. Google Adsense is the most important advertising network. Adsense is important especially for small websites, because is easier to implement a script on their website. If the website is bigger, they can afford to hire sales people or to develop complex advertising ...Read More

Archive and backup for tweets

You are sitting in front of your PC and thinking about the previous days. Surely, you will miss your tweets those you posted about a year ago. You are thinking, “Wish I could get those days back”. You have nothing regret now, because Tweet ...Read More

H.264 XML White Video Player

H.264 XML White Video Player is a free Flash video player. With this player you can play the following video formats: MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v, F4V. The configuration is stored in a XML file, this way you don’t need to change anything in ...Read More