Managing PPC campaigns can be pretty easy or a “headache generator” like never been seen, it all depends on the tools you’re using to get things done. To be honest, I usually go for affiliate programs, but the fact that I didn’t get rich so far may be one sign that I should also try other things… especially when we talk about bringing traffic to my sites. Since I don’t have much time for my own projects anyway, here’s what I found for you: AdverTool!

Oh, my, but what do we have here? AdverTool is an open source Web-based application that allows you to easily control PPC campaigns, integrating with most of the popular ad networks, including Facebook, AdBrite, Microsoft Ad Center or the notorious Google Adwords. Why use it? Think about managing all your campaigns from the same interface, and you already got one of the many possible answers!

To sum it all up, AdverTool can help you earn some extra cash. How? Time, my friends, time! While this piece of code won’t improve the efficiency of any campaign you may be running, it will surely give you more time to spare and do that by yourselves, and that’s what really matter – having enough time to get things done properly!

Compatibility/Requirements: all major browsers, PHP/SQL database, with support for most SQL servers

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  1. August 11, 2010

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