The Aero-look has been around for ages, Vista only made it really popular (don’t tell me that more than 10% of those using Vista/7 now and enjoying the transparent interface and the effects coming with it ever used Stardock products or even heard of it – I’m not buying that!). Don’t get me wrong – I don’t have anything against it, but I think there was and still is too much hype around Windows’ looks… and now I will tell you a few words about a jQuery plugin built to help you use Aero-style popups on your websites!


AeroWindow allows you to easily create Aero-style popups and offers a lot of options for changing the appearance of the result, including window title, start position, standard and minimum size, animation effects or window status. I don’t know about regular websites, but this tool is surely an awesome addition to Web-based operating systems… or at least sites that try to emulate the look of Microsoft’s notorious Vista/7 software platforms!

Freely available under the terms of the GPL/MIT License, AeroWindow is compatible with all major browsers and is based on jQuery 1.4.2, the downloadable package containing all that you need to get started in no time. Sweet! 🙂

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