App Inventor

Google strikes again! I know most people talk about Google Weave‘s death, but I think App Inventor is a more interesting topic. Come on, people! Let’s leave the dead behind! We have Android, we have App Inventor Beta, why bother looking back? Take a look at the future!

With App Inventor, you simply build Android apps by visually designing the way they look, using blocks to define their behavior. Sure, the fact that this application requires absolutely no programming knowledge may lead some people the features of the resulting Android apps are really limited, but App Inventor allows you to easily access the GPS sensor or communicate with various online services, so things are pretty interesting already…

… not to mention we’re still talking about a “Beta” application, but we all know what happens with this label from Google, since I’ve had more problems with old online services than Google’s “experimental” ones, so feel free to take a look at this video and decide if App Inventor is worth your time or not (hint: it works on most computers and mobile platforms, including Mac, Nexus One or MyTouch!). 😉

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