Creating a site isn’t that hard, but making it work properly on a few dozen different browsers, and most of them, with different behaviors depending on the operating system… now, that’s art! Since installing a few operating systems and running all those browsers to test your pages would really be a productivity killer, please let me show you something that’s going to make your life a lot easier…
… and that “something” has a very suggestive name: Browsershots. The idea behind it? Just go to the site using any browser you want, enter the address of a site you want to test, select the browsers and platforms you want to see screenshots for, and then wait. Be sure that it’s going to take a lot of time to see your screenshots if you select all available options, so choose only what you really need!

In the end, you should get to see how your site looks in Opera 10, IE 5-6-7-8, Firefox 3.5, but also in less popular browsers, like Minefield, K-Meleon or Shiretoko. Even more, I think this site could prove to be useful to those looking to get some inspiration… so step forward and get some browser shots, will ya? 🙂

Compatibility: any major browser, of course (you’ll encounter the minor ones inside Browsershots, anyway…)

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