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One of the most interesting things I’ve read about the near and not-so-near future is the forecast regarding evolution of commerce. What about it? Well, online shopping becomes more and more popular, especially in emerging countries, and the same happens with ecommerce shopping cart ...Read More


For me, WordPress is pretty easy to use, but I must be a fool to admit that using it and harnessing its power is something as easy as it gets for someone facing its first blogging script. Sometimes, people simply need to share things ...Read More


When we talked about JoobsBox, a comment suggested that I should take a look at jobberBase, but despite the fact I didn’t keep my promise to check it later that week, I never forgot about it. Even more, yesterday, while I was browsing the ...Read More


Having content from a bunch of websites gathered in the same page is nothing new. After all, there are a plenty of startup pages that are doing the job well, like Netvibes or iGoogle, but what about those people who want to have a ...Read More


I hate CAPTCHA on sites that I use frequently, especially since most of them use only letters, and sometimes I don’t understand the text displayed. If everyone would be nice and switch their text CAPTCHA pages to ones using images, that would really be ...Read More


Finally, Friday is here! At the end of each week, I think it’s very important to look back and draw the line – what was supposed to be done, what has been done, and, more important of all, what did you learn from your ...Read More


“Focus, focus, focus. Get organized! Stop wasting time!” Nothing new here, right? There are millions of people saying this to themselves each day, but only a small part of this crowd will manage to end the day and accomplish all the tasks scheduled. Or… ...Read More


Every time I see a CMS that’s even easier to setup and use than everything I knew until that moment, I wonder where is this headed to. After all, we may soon see a CMS that only requires a click on a link, followed ...Read More


I love start pages. Sure, I usually load my bookmarks, but having a lot of useful info inside a single Web page is also a pretty good idea, and I must confess that, despite the fact Netvibes is my all-time favorite, I recently started ...Read More


As far as I know, CRM solutions are extremely expensive to deploy and maintain. I know this from a former high school classmate, who has a little IT company in charge of such a product. He only deployed a custom solution to a small ...Read More