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About Me 3000 ver. 1.6 released

Hello, Just fixed issue that caused a “you do not have sufficient permissions” error in WordPress 3.0 and up. You can go and download new version here . Sorry for inconveniences. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions for next development. ...Read More

SEO Booster

SEO Booster is a great tool if you want to know everything about your blog. SEO Booster detects and analyzes incoming visitors from search engines. You can visualize the most popular queries by logging in to the admin panel or using the provided widget. ...Read More

WP Robot

When you have a blog with a lot of traffic, it is really hard to take a few days off for a vacation. The alternatives are to ask a friend to post for you or to install an autoblogging plugin. One of the best plug-ins for ...Read More


If someone asks me about promoting a blog, I always say that content comes first, content comes second, design comes third… and social networking stuff comes somewhere in the middle of the long list of things that need to be taken care of. Sure, ...Read More


If you encountered difficulties reading your WordPress based website or blog on your mobile device, WPtouch is the solution. WPtouch is a lightweight, fast-loading, feature-rich and highly-customized “theme application” which includes an admin interface to let you customize many aspects of your site’s presentation. ...Read More