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Kish Multi

If you have multiple blogs, you need a simple tool to maintain all of them very simple and easy. Kish Multi is a perfect tool for you. It helps you to maintain multiple blogs from a single blog. Kish Multi uses Ajax, this way ...Read More


As I confessed some time ago, I am a lazy person, although sometimes I even surprise myself by being completely the opposite. Anyway, if I would be actively involved into Web development, I am sure that finding the right plugins and frameworks to work ...Read More


As far as most people know, Rialto is the most notorious bridge in Venice. If you missed seeing it so far, go ahead and do it, it’s surely an objective a serious tourist must see, but if you’re a programmer… there’s a different Rialto ...Read More

Clean AJAX

Since I confessed my laziness already, today I will take one more step forward and tell you that I hate cleaning up. Don’t get me wrong – I love having everything in order, only that I can’t stand moving things around, wiping the dust, ...Read More


Considering all the stuff we see around, the idea of a completely online OS gets closer and closer to reality, although I wouldn’t ever use such a thing and allow it to handle all my personal data as I do with the current OS ...Read More


A few years ago, a friend of mine told me he was working on some project, and I asked him about the language used, being almost sure he was employing PHP to get the job done. The surprise came when I found out he ...Read More


Managing files on a remote server is a real pleasure to me, and that happens only because I NEVER use the rudimentary file manager available inside cPanel, or any other kind of Web-based file management solution. I am really happy with FileZilla or the ...Read More