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When I hear ZEN, all I can think of is Creative’s line of portable media players – I really love most devices bearing this name, although I will be forever addicted to my good old Sandisk Sansa e250… but I am sure you’re already ...Read More


CSS can be mastered pretty easy, at least in theory. Unfortunately for a lot of people, it’s practice that really makes it complicated. Fortunately, there are a lot of online services and standalone applications around that can help you live without even knowing what ...Read More

Less Framework

I am sure you think that Android tablets, the whole iPad madness, these smartphones that get more powerful with each month are great, right? No matter if we’re looking at it from a regular user’s point of view or we take things seriously and ...Read More

Ordering CSS3 Properties

While writing CSS3 properties, generally we try to put the Vendor prefixes at the beginning and  the ‘real’ property at the last. It should look like this: .not-a-square { -webkit-border-radius: 10px; -moz-border-radius: 10px; border-radius: 10px; } But what will happen if we do it ...Read More


I love Google’s side projects. The fact they allow their employees to work on personal projects at work, then turning some of those projects into serious Google projects is a great idea, and that’s why Microsoft won’t ever come up with something like Android, ...Read More


Layouts, layouts, layouts – steal them, start from scratch, or grab some framework to get a foundation to build upon? It seems a lot of so-called “designers” decide to use the first approach these days, but as long as things like PrimaryCSS are available ...Read More

HTML5 Reset

HTML5 is the way of the future… or nothing will manage to bring down Flash? Hey, but what about Adobe Air? When it comes to Web technologies, everything’s moving so fast, that even programmers/designers can’t keep up with all the new things. Fortunately, there ...Read More

Tiny Fluid Grid

A few years ago, resolutions used by people going online were only a few, so designing sites using fluid layouts wasn’t something you had to do to be sure everyone’s happy. With the large scale introduction of wide resolution monitors, mobile devices like the ...Read More


To be honest, I don’t think design can be done without using some guides, at least from time to time. Sure, most designers have a different way of seeing things than “normal” people, but I don’t think any of them has any guidelines inside ...Read More


Some time ago, creating menus for a site was nothing less but art. I only said “menus,” yes? Good, because when talking about animated menus, we were already stepping into “Voodoo land” already, at least for most people using the Internet back then! Now, ...Read More