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Nifty Corners Cube

Coding stuff can easily replace graphics design work in some cases, and rounding corners is one of those cases. I don’t know about you, but I bumped into some browser-related issues with corners nicely rounded in a Photoshop file that was cut into HTML ...Read More

Spiffy Corners

Some time ago, I was talking about very simple tools that come with a single purpose, and those online behemots some love while others hate, like the SEOmoz tools package, for example. Now, the time has come for another really straightforward tool, namely Spiffy ...Read More


Choosing the right font and general text styling can be a real pain sometimes, and that’s why I decided to tell you about TypeTester, a free online resource that’s more than just a dummy text generator, allowing you to easily pick the best settings ...Read More

SlickMap CSS

Talent is everything, but if you’re not working in a standardized manner, you will waste most of it. Obviously, we’re not talking about sculpture here, since displaying sitemaps won’t help other people than Web designers, but this isn’t a blog for other professionals, so… ...Read More


A few years ago, I messed with CSS for a while, and despite the fact working with it can get pretty tricky sometimes, learning the basics is pretty easy. Since most problems appear when having to handle complex layouts, having a little helper by ...Read More


I am not JavaScript-powered, but I kept flipping around last night. Oh, yeah, the heat… but since I mentioned flipping, let’s take a look at a useful jQuery plugin that will make your webpage content flip like a card, shall we? Jon Raasch is ...Read More

CSS Creator

No matter if you’re using inline style tags or external CSS files, Cascading Style Sheets is supposed to be very easy to handle, even by those without any specific programming experience. Ain’t that just cute? Probably, but it also happens to be wrong pretty ...Read More