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There are two things I hate about Summer: heat and mosquitoes. If I would be moving around a lot, having a heat map at my disposal would be great, but when we’re talking about such a thing like the one we have here today… ...Read More

So So Social

I think the World Wide Web should be renamed to WWSN. What do you think? WWSN should stand for “World Wide Social Network,” at least the way I see it. Good idea or bad idea, this surely reflects the reality of these last few ...Read More

HTML5 Reset

HTML5 is the way of the future… or nothing will manage to bring down Flash? Hey, but what about Adobe Air? When it comes to Web technologies, everything’s moving so fast, that even programmers/designers can’t keep up with all the new things. Fortunately, there ...Read More

Some online services are more interesting than the others, and today’s could be considered anything from “pointless” to “outstanding,” but this has nothing to do with the fact that some people hate Microsoft, while others love it. Being able to zoom into various ...Read More


If someone asks me about promoting a blog, I always say that content comes first, content comes second, design comes third… and social networking stuff comes somewhere in the middle of the long list of things that need to be taken care of. Sure, ...Read More


If you hate Google Calendar or simply looking for something different, today I got a little something for you, namely wdCalendar, a jQuery plugin that does about the same things, and since even its creators call it “a clone,” let’s consider it a Google ...Read More


No screenshot today, sorry. I know, ending the week talking about a script without a screenshot seems to be a bit sad, but don’t worry – usually, webpage quiz applications don’t need screenshots, since they are highly customizable, and their looks depend on what ...Read More