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These days, delivering multimedia content gets more and more interesting with each day. I am not thinking about the low prices of HD cameras and the impressive amount of storage offered by most portable drives available these days, because sometimes you don’t need to ...Read More


The way of the future seems clear – online, multi-user apps, with development cycles as short as possible. Of course, that doesn’t mean the old ways will disappear, or that standalone desktop applications will see a very abrupt decline, it’s only the fact that ...Read More


We all know that most blogging tools and virtually any CMS you can think of include some image posting capability, but creating slideshows/image galleries isn’t something you can easily achieve. Just when I think about my (failed) attempts at adding image galleries to a ...Read More


Managing files on a remote server is a real pleasure to me, and that happens only because I NEVER use the rudimentary file manager available inside cPanel, or any other kind of Web-based file management solution. I am really happy with FileZilla or the ...Read More

xMDB Viewer

Sometimes, I wonder how it is possible for programs/scripts who didn’t get updated in the last few years to be used by a lot of people who just don’t care about that. Even more, some of these programs came to a sudden stop somewhere ...Read More

Php Free Chat

A few days ago, I installed some chat script on a site of mine. I guess I told you about my quest for such a thing before actually doing it, but I can’t say that I am completely happy with the thing I got, ...Read More


Ever had a diary? I know that most boys think this is a girls’ thing, but I will confess I had a diary, and I still have it lying around somewhere. On the other hand, I never added pictures to it, just some random ...Read More


Back in the days when I was a kid, it was nothing out of ordinary to stare with my friends at some firebugs for hours. While the firebug, or “Pyrrhocoris apterus,” for the scientists, is one ubiquitous insect that eats seeds from lime trees ...Read More