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These days, it seems everyone’s into releasing free scripts to the public, and I can’t say this is bad. In fact, I think it’s great, even if we’re talking about a URL shortener that comes “as is” and was written using PHP, MySQL, as ...Read More


No matter if you are in charge of a little forum or a huge social networking site, security is always an issue, and I don’t even want to think about the complexity of this problem for those working for e-commerce sites… but since it’s ...Read More


I hate having to mess with databases, but sometimes there’s no other way around. Sure, I could pay someone to do that for me… but I really don’t trust leaving something I could do to others, and since doing minor tweaking in a database ...Read More


While URL shortening services can be really useful to decent people, I am sure spammers really love them. Why? Just think about the difference between “” and something like “” and you’ll get your answer! I know we talked about Shorty only two days ...Read More


Web-based operating systems could be the future… but only if all those into making viruses and hacking remote systems or stealing credit card information would suddenly disappear, so I think we won’t get to see anyone simply using Windows or Linux as a gate ...Read More


Nobody ever called me “shorty,” and there’s a very simple reason for that – I am pretty tall, of course! 😉 On the other hand, it seems it gets more and more useful to some people to send around URLs that can be called ...Read More


Every time I see a CMS that’s even easier to setup and use than everything I knew until that moment, I wonder where is this headed to. After all, we may soon see a CMS that only requires a click on a link, followed ...Read More


I love start pages. Sure, I usually load my bookmarks, but having a lot of useful info inside a single Web page is also a pretty good idea, and I must confess that, despite the fact Netvibes is my all-time favorite, I recently started ...Read More


As far as I know, CRM solutions are extremely expensive to deploy and maintain. I know this from a former high school classmate, who has a little IT company in charge of such a product. He only deployed a custom solution to a small ...Read More