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Free fonts

When you are designing a new website, the font are almost the most important part of the site. An inspired font can make your website to look fantastic. But an ugly can ruin it. I will show you now a few free fonts to choose from. 1. Gentium. ...Read More


I just can’t remember when we talked about fonts last time, so I decided to find something new to refresh this category. Fortunately, it’s something pretty big, not just some new fonts portal with a few thousands available, of which more than half are ...Read More

Google Font Directory

Less than a month after Google Analytics Application Gallery, Google strikes again! That time, it was about various apps for Google Analytics, now it’s all about fonts, since the name says it all – Google Font Directory. Another Beta product from the Internet search ...Read More


When talking about font collections, I have plenty of them. The only problem is that I have to check my CDs and DVDs catalogue to find the locations of those archived font collections. To make things even more interesting, I have at least a ...Read More

Fenotype Typefaces

Sometimes, finding a resource with less content, but only top-notch quality clearly compensates for the low quantity of material, and unless you’re one of those who are simply looking for sites with thousands of font sets to choose from, I am sure you’ll enjoy ...Read More

The Font Pool

Last time when we talked about free fonts, it was the perfect day for 1001 Fonts to step forward. Now, the time has come for a new fonts resource, and since there aren’t exactly that many serious competitors in this area, choosing The Font ...Read More

1001 Fonts

Looking for free fonts on the Internet is a pretty tough job, because most resources you’ll find will also contain paid ones, and since I can’t say I ever bumped into a website full of free fonts, and nothing more, I guess that 1001 ...Read More

ASCII Generator

ASCII images and text may seem like something belonging to an age forgotten, but the truth proves to be quite different. Think about having to develop a website from scratch, and having a client who also wants you to setup everything that’s related to ...Read More