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Weather has been really sad lately – a lot of rain, cold as in late November/early December… all without following any logical pattern. Well… weather may go on a strange path, but as far as pattern generators go, Patternify scores quite a few points ...Read More

Free Christmas Patterns

These days, the Internet is full of Christmas-related graphics awesomeness, but I must admit I hate placing quantity above quality, so I spent some time looking for the best Christmas patterns for all of you and here’s what I came out with… 1. slavetofashion69’s ...Read More

Barcode Label Printer

Some say that products having any kind of barcode on them are marked with the so-called “number of the beast,” but I think they are more than paranoid. After all, no matter what number you take, after applying some math, you’ll surely end up ...Read More


I really like to start every new week by discovering something cool, and today I had a big revelation. What kind of revelation? Well, first of all, some time has passed since we talked about any kind of online background generator… and second, I ...Read More


Since the weekend is almost here and some time has passed since we talked about a texture generator or free texture resource I found, now is the right time to take a look at TextureZ, don’t you think? Sure, there’s not much to say ...Read More

Stripe Designer

The problem with most pattern generators we talked about so far is that customization possibilities aren’t exactly endless. Obviously, the good part is that even my grandmother can use them, but with a little bit of training, I am sure she can also learn ...Read More


While in front of my computer everything’s just fine, external temperatures are going sky high these days, way above 30 degrees Celsius. No, I am not located somewhere in the middle of a desert, since I even have some nice forests about 2 kilometers ...Read More


Feelin’ in the mood for some stripes? I know we just got through a dotted background generator, but I hope having some stripes as an alternative won’t be boring. After all – at least when I speak about myself – stripes are more interesting ...Read More

Background Dotter

For a long time, I considered website backgrounds to be useless. Looking at sites like Twitter, I can say that I was somehow wrong. Backgrounds can look pretty good, if used wisely, but some designers consider them to be a waste of time, so ...Read More