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Vectorian Giotto

As you probably noticed until now, we usually stay away from standalone software for a single platform here, on WebDev3000. Well, today we’ll talk about Vectorian Giotto, a program that only works with Win 2000/XP/Vista/7, so in case you’re wondering why is this happening, ...Read More

Pencil 1.2

If you think I always look for my topics by browsing similar sites or just rambling all over the Internet, you’re wrong. For example, let’s look at today’s topic – a friend of mine who’s a brilliant Web designer sent me the link, I ...Read More

App Inventor

Google strikes again! I know most people talk about Google Weave‘s death, but I think App Inventor is a more interesting topic. Come on, people! Let’s leave the dead behind! We have Android, we have App Inventor Beta, why bother looking back? Take a ...Read More


Creating a site isn’t that hard, but making it work properly on a few dozen different browsers, and most of them, with different behaviors depending on the operating system… now, that’s art! Since installing a few operating systems and running all those browsers to ...Read More


To be honest, I don’t think design can be done without using some guides, at least from time to time. Sure, most designers have a different way of seeing things than “normal” people, but I don’t think any of them has any guidelines inside ...Read More


When talking about font collections, I have plenty of them. The only problem is that I have to check my CDs and DVDs catalogue to find the locations of those archived font collections. To make things even more interesting, I have at least a ...Read More

Big Browser

One of the things I really love about Maxthon is the ability to load two sides side by side. You don’t have to be a developer to use this, since content editors and even “normal” Internet users can find themselves pretty often in situations ...Read More


I usually enjoy writing about apps/resources that I can try by myself, but this time, something’s wrong here – I just found a very interesting tool, but it doesn’t seem to work. Since I think something may be wrong with my ISP, I hope ...Read More


Turning a PSD file into a WordPress template can be a really tricky job, and I say this after doing a few PSD slicing jobs, and also knowing people seriously involved into the graphics/Web design field who would do anything but that. Anyway, let’s ...Read More


Microsoft’s Silverlight is trying to steal a serious slice of the market share the ubiquitous Adobe Flash managed to grab so far, and maybe even outrun it. If any of these will happen, that remains to be seen, but since some people are already ...Read More