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I hate having to mess with databases, but sometimes there’s no other way around. Sure, I could pay someone to do that for me… but I really don’t trust leaving something I could do to others, and since doing minor tweaking in a database ...Read More


One of these days, I will go out and start shooting. No, I am not crazy – I’ll take pictures, I won’t shoot anyone! Anyway, guns are illegal here, so we’ll stick to a bunch of images being displayed in a browser. Obviously, it’s ...Read More


As far as most people know, Rialto is the most notorious bridge in Venice. If you missed seeing it so far, go ahead and do it, it’s surely an objective a serious tourist must see, but if you’re a programmer… there’s a different Rialto ...Read More


One day, I think the grocery next to the building I live in will release some JavaScript library. I know it sounds insane, but seeing BBC releasing such a thing is also a big surprise, so why not think ahead? OK, OK, I admit ...Read More