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FlipBook CMS

Today, I found myself listening to a few ladies talking about kids, books, computers and TV. I am no detective, I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and just hear them talk. All of a sudden, I remembered ...Read More

Less Framework

I am sure you think that Android tablets, the whole iPad madness, these smartphones that get more powerful with each month are great, right? No matter if we’re looking at it from a regular user’s point of view or we take things seriously and ...Read More

Agile Uploader

I love smart scripts. I really enjoy when I get to earn more time for thinking, instead of working on repetitive tasks. For example, let’s think about image uploading and resizing. No matter what I use to resize the files, this operation requires my ...Read More

So So Social

I think the World Wide Web should be renamed to WWSN. What do you think? WWSN should stand for “World Wide Social Network,” at least the way I see it. Good idea or bad idea, this surely reflects the reality of these last few ...Read More

HTML5 Reset

HTML5 is the way of the future… or nothing will manage to bring down Flash? Hey, but what about Adobe Air? When it comes to Web technologies, everything’s moving so fast, that even programmers/designers can’t keep up with all the new things. Fortunately, there ...Read More


While some say content is the king, I must somehow disagree. Content may be the king, but it’s all about delivery. No matter how brilliant and useful may be your writing, for example, users visiting your blog won’t look for those Google ads placed ...Read More


If you ever feel down, just think about people who struggle daily with more than you ever had to face your entire life. If that doesn’t help you move on… I honestly don’t what will. Think about colors and the world around you, for ...Read More

Tiny Fluid Grid

A few years ago, resolutions used by people going online were only a few, so designing sites using fluid layouts wasn’t something you had to do to be sure everyone’s happy. With the large scale introduction of wide resolution monitors, mobile devices like the ...Read More