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With DevHub you don’t need to pay a webdeveloper to build your website. Even if you don’t know nothing about website building, with DevHub even your grandpa can build his own website. You can build in a few steps a blog, a webhub, a ...Read More


When I hear ZEN, all I can think of is Creative’s line of portable media players – I really love most devices bearing this name, although I will be forever addicted to my good old Sandisk Sansa e250… but I am sure you’re already ...Read More


Wow, I found something that has a name Apple would sue for, yet it’s still on the market! I hope that doesn’t happen anytime soon, because I really love the way “iPhorm” sounds. For example, think about what happened when Microsoft forced Windows Commander ...Read More

HTML5 Blue Video Gallery

YouTube must die! I don’t know about you, but I got tired of videos removed due to copyright violations, when such a thing is far from the truth. I wouldn’t be amazed to add a video of myself whistling some Justin Bieber song and ...Read More


This is no secret, but I never told you about it so far – I am moderating the IT section of a general-purpose forum. Nothing out of this world, just a medium-sized forum reached by a few thousand users daily. Strange enough, even there ...Read More


I love coding without having to code, don’t you? I know, I know – the best code can only come from your own hands, but sometimes there’s no need to bother, especially when it’s about trivial things like JavaScript menus… at least as long ...Read More


As you probably don’t know if you don’t know me personally, I’m not much of a coder. Sure, I wrote some code here and then, but those days are long gone. Considering this, I guess it’s obvious why I love so much tools like ...Read More


Facebook again? Oh, well, it seems soon we won’t be able to go anywhere without hearing about it. Just think about a world where everything will have a “Like on Facebook” label, be it a digital display connected wirelessly to the Internet or just… ...Read More


Thinking about sending out some really simple newsletters but can’t find any free solution to do that? Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here – TinyLetter is exactly what you need – an easy to use, free online service that you can use to create ...Read More