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If you simply develop sites and then forget about them, you may consider yourself lucky. Hmmm… on the other hand, that means you don’t have any project of your own, which isn’t that good. On the other hand, maybe you got a friend taking ...Read More

Privacy Policy Generator

I hate privacy policies nobody gives a damn about, especially when I have to write them. Fortunately, today I found a site that’s nothing but brilliant. Its goal? Pretty straightforward, yet something that’s going to save a lot of people some time, money, or ...Read More

Premium Pixels

Premium pixels for free, now that’s a good deal for the last day of 2010, don’t you think? More than just that, the name of the site giving away premium pixels for free is – guess what? – Premium Pixels! šŸ˜‰ Belonging to notorious ...Read More


Still looking for the right icons to get started with in 2011’s projects? I know that Google’s search engine could prove quite useful for that – just enter a certain keyword, switch to images, click on icon or, even better, enter the size manually, ...Read More

Free Christmas Patterns

These days, the Internet is full of Christmas-related graphics awesomeness, but I must admit I hate placing quantity above quality, so I spent some time looking for the best Christmas patterns for all of you and here’s what I came out with… 1. slavetofashion69’s ...Read More

Free fonts

When you areĀ designingĀ a new website, the font are almost the most important part of the site. An inspired font canĀ makeĀ your website to look fantastic. But an ugly can ruin it. I will show you now a few free fonts to choose from. 1. Gentium. ...Read More

Surreal Todo

I am tired of not being able to organize my time properly. The funny thing is that, from time to time, I manage to solve this problem but, somehow, I find all my time management reduced to a mess again after a while… so ...Read More

Open ICEcat

I love online resources with good information. On the other hand, I hate online shops where information looks like it was entered by someone earning $1 per hour and clearly not happy about it. Well, you get what you pay for, after all, and ...Read More


I love Google’s side projects. The fact they allow their employees to work on personal projects at work, then turning some of those projects into serious Google projects is a great idea, and that’s why Microsoft won’t ever come up with something like Android, ...Read More


Layouts, layouts, layouts – steal them, start from scratch, or grab some framework to get a foundation to build upon? It seems a lot of so-called “designers” decide to use the first approach these days, but as long as things like PrimaryCSS are available ...Read More