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Some online services are more interesting than the others, and today’s Zoom.it could be considered anything from “pointless” to “outstanding,” but this has nothing to do with the fact that some people hate Microsoft, while others love it. Being able to zoom into various ...Read More

App Inventor

Google strikes again! I know most people talk about Google Weave‘s death, but I think App Inventor is a more interesting topic. Come on, people! Let’s leave the dead behind! We have Android, we have App Inventor Beta, why bother looking back? Take a ...Read More


I just can’t remember when we talked about fonts last time, so I decided to find something new to refresh this category. Fortunately, it’s something pretty big, not just some new fonts portal with a few thousands available, of which more than half are ...Read More


If someone asks me about promoting a blog, I always say that content comes first, content comes second, design comes third… and social networking stuff comes somewhere in the middle of the long list of things that need to be taken care of. Sure, ...Read More


Sometimes, I really think about starting a career in programming, and the only reason for this is my laziness. Just think about this – when I write stuff, I have to write it all by myself, and I only quote various sources from time ...Read More

Bubble Engine

Some say bubbles are useless when it comes to graphic effects for your site, but I disagree with that. Sometimes, they can be really funny, just like a bubble bath – somehow useless, but surely a lot of fun! Today, I’ll give you a ...Read More

Lucid Desktop

A few years ago, Web-based operating systems promised to become the way of the future. Unfortunately, most of those who were making everyone go “Wow!” back then disappeared in the meantime, so it’s always good to see new ones rising from the ashes. This ...Read More

Google Font Directory

Less than a month after Google Analytics Application Gallery, Google strikes again! That time, it was about various apps for Google Analytics, now it’s all about fonts, since the name says it all – Google Font Directory. Another Beta product from the Internet search ...Read More


I know this may not be exactly what most developers dream of getting for free, but having some simple yet clean looking icons at your disposal is always a good idea, and that’s why today I’ll point you to Pictoico… Since everyone seems to ...Read More


If you’re into using Javascript toolsets, then you surely have to take a look at Qutensil, shortly referred to as “Q.js.” The reason? Well, according to its official page, this toolset “was developed from dissatisfaction with the existing toolsets.” Good, so what’s so special ...Read More