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One of the most interesting things I’ve read about the near and not-so-near future is the forecast regarding evolution of commerce. What about it? Well, online shopping becomes more and more popular, especially in emerging countries, and the same happens with ecommerce shopping cart ...Read More

Glyph Lab

I love free icons, but who doesn’t? Unlike other freebies, free icons are usually great, at least that’s what I can say. Unfortunately, others are not always like that – think about freely available articles or wallpapers. Oh, well, you can’t always get what ...Read More


One of the freelance tasks I always enjoyed to handle is icon creation. Sometimes, it even pays really good, but it’s not about the money, but the fun. On the other hand, if you need icons for some project, the idea is to keep ...Read More


If you want to integrate a news system to your website, you should take a look at Cutenews. Cutenews is a great news management system and the most important thing, it uses flat files to store its database. This way you don’t need a ...Read More


If you encountered difficulties reading your WordPress based website or blog on your mobile device, WPtouch is the solution. WPtouch is a lightweight, fast-loading, feature-rich and highly-customized “theme application” which includes an admin interface to let you customize many aspects of your site’s presentation. ...Read More

Flash Platform Services

If you want an easy way to distribute and monetize your application or to add social and collaborative capabilities to your applications, Adobe can help you with Adobe Flash Platform Services. Using Distribution service you can share your application to social networks, mobile devices, and ...Read More


One of the easiest ways to communicate in these days is to post your thoughts through your blog. Chyrp was designed to be lightweight while retaining functionality. . Chyrp has a great standard theme and robust module engine. You can personalize and modify it ...Read More


If you want to integrate a image gallery into your personal website or a small company website, you can easily use a free image gallery website system. One of the best image gallery website system I have ever seen is Moa. Moa is written ...Read More


No matter if you are in charge of a little forum or a huge social networking site, security is always an issue, and I don’t even want to think about the complexity of this problem for those working for e-commerce sites… but since it’s ...Read More

Fenotype Typefaces

Sometimes, finding a resource with less content, but only top-notch quality clearly compensates for the low quantity of material, and unless you’re one of those who are simply looking for sites with thousands of font sets to choose from, I am sure you’ll enjoy ...Read More