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Finally, Friday is here! At the end of each week, I think it’s very important to look back and draw the line – what was supposed to be done, what has been done, and, more important of all, what did you learn from your ...Read More


I was just wondering about something one of these days… How many people would kill themselves and how many companies would go bankrupt if computers would simply stop working for a full week? I know for sure that thousands of WoW players would surely ...Read More


“Focus, focus, focus. Get organized! Stop wasting time!” Nothing new here, right? There are millions of people saying this to themselves each day, but only a small part of this crowd will manage to end the day and accomplish all the tasks scheduled. Or… ...Read More


Some people use PHP, others Python, and there are also a bunch of them using ASP. NET. Sure, some listen to jazz, too, so diversity can’t hurt, as long as you’re happy with the thing you got, and because I don’t want to discriminate, ...Read More


Nobody ever called me “shorty,” and there’s a very simple reason for that – I am pretty tall, of course! 😉 On the other hand, it seems it gets more and more useful to some people to send around URLs that can be called ...Read More


Turning a PSD file into a WordPress template can be a really tricky job, and I say this after doing a few PSD slicing jobs, and also knowing people seriously involved into the graphics/Web design field who would do anything but that. Anyway, let’s ...Read More


As far as I know, CRM solutions are extremely expensive to deploy and maintain. I know this from a former high school classmate, who has a little IT company in charge of such a product. He only deployed a custom solution to a small ...Read More


Microsoft’s Silverlight is trying to steal a serious slice of the market share the ubiquitous Adobe Flash managed to grab so far, and maybe even outrun it. If any of these will happen, that remains to be seen, but since some people are already ...Read More


A few years ago, a friend of mine told me he was working on some project, and I asked him about the language used, being almost sure he was employing PHP to get the job done. The surprise came when I found out he ...Read More