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“Ta-taaaa! You got mail!” What if your mail client could speak? I guess that’s how it should let you know that there’s something new in your inbox… or at least that’s how I think T-dah got its name… but let’s take a closer look ...Read More


Choosing the right font and general text styling can be a real pain sometimes, and that’s why I decided to tell you about TypeTester, a free online resource that’s more than just a dummy text generator, allowing you to easily pick the best settings ...Read More


Any serious designer shouldn’t mess with Web-based site creation tools… or at least that’s what I was almost sure of some years ago. Now, I think that using online resources like Wix can’t hurt, at least in the early stages of a site’s development. ...Read More

The Font Pool

Last time when we talked about free fonts, it was the perfect day for 1001 Fonts to step forward. Now, the time has come for a new fonts resource, and since there aren’t exactly that many serious competitors in this area, choosing The Font ...Read More

Zoho CRM

Finding a cost-effective CRM is really gold, and I know what I am saying, because I know a few guys selling such solutions… While some may say this isn’t actually a developer’s job, I have to disagree with it, at least partially, because I ...Read More