While I know a lot of people who still happen to use Notepad as their primary code editor, sometimes I think that Web-based HTML editors can help you get the job done much better, as long as they have what it takes (I am thinking about cross-browser and plugins support before anything else). While it may not be considered a fully featured HTML editor, today’s CLEditor is a pretty interesting piece of code…

… since I am sure that the screenshot above doesn’t seem to be impressive at all, but some of the official mumbo-jumbo looks much better. Just take a look at this: “In addition to the standard text formatting features found in other WYSIWYG editors, CLEditor also contains rich drop downs for font name, size, style, text color and highlight color. CLEditor allows you to insert images, hyperlinks and horizontal rules.”

This jQuery plugin can be easily added to any website, providing a rich development environment that can be easily customized to fit your needs. Testing was done using jQuery 1.4.2, and current supported browsers on Mac/PC are IE 6.0+, FF 1.5+, Safari 4+, Chrome 5+ and Opera 10+.

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