I usually enjoy writing about apps/resources that I can try by myself, but this time, something’s wrong here – I just found a very interesting tool, but it doesn’t seem to work. Since I think something may be wrong with my ISP, I hope you’ll be able to play with colrful, because this is something some people will really enjoy, and I don’t want to keep it aside simply because I bump into some kind of error…
If you want, you can call this Adobe AIR toy “colrful desktop” and you won’t go wrong, but if we leave name aside, this little piece of code can be used to easily retrieve Flickr photos that contain the color palette you choose. Useful, pointless… that depends on the one using it, so I won’t say anything about this part.

How does it work? Everything is very simple – you select the colors from the palette, then choose to search, and then view/download your favorites! Even more, you can paste a URL of some image, and colrful will look for similar ones on the Web!

To end this with a few words about my own experience, I should add that everything works great, only that I get a Flickr connection error when I try to preview a image. Funny that the program can connect to the site to look perform the color-based search, so… this seems to be out of my hand. Any clues? 😐

Compatibility: as long as you have Adobe AIR (and you’re luckier than I am), everything should be fine…

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  1. August 28, 2009

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