Drill Down Menu

Almost a decade ago, I had a personal site. That kind of site with a few pages that nobody is visiting, you know… but there’s one thing I will always remember – working on the graphics with more than just one program. In fact, I guess I was using almost a dozen to create some basic graphics, optimize them, and so on. When I look at the wonders that can be done today using only code, I really regret that I wasn’t born ten years later.. or maybe not! 😉
Drill Down Menu
Drill Down Menu is a little script made by Dynamic Drive that will turn any ordinary UL list into a drill down style menu. This will surely turn your conventional drop down menu into a more interesting design element, and if your visitors are using browsers with JavaScript disabled, the menu will turn into a fully accessible column of links.

Using it isn’t hard at all, detailed instructions being offered on the official page (check the link at the beginning of the previous paragraph), so I guess you don’t have to be a code guru to take advantage of this script…

Compatibility: according to Dynamic Drive, Drill Down Menu 1.0 works with Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera, but I bet it doesn’t have any problems with browsers like Google Chrome, Flock, or Maxthon, either

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