Easy photo sharing with Yogile

There are many photo sharing website and is very difficult to decide which one to use. At first glance there are all the same. But when you need something special you begin to search almost the impossible. Yogile is a new photo sharing service which helpsyou to share photos privately and within groups. All the photo sharing websites do the same. But Yogile comes with some feature you will not see at the competition.

For example, you want to share the photos from the last office party. You can upload them directly or you add photos as e-mail attachments. If you choose to upload the photos through e-mail attachements you can personalise the e-mail address where to send the photos. For simplicity you can put you name.

Also another great feature is the possibility to let other people to contribute to your albums. You shared your photos from the party. Other people can contribute to your photo album, this way you can have all the photos from everybody. You won’t have to go to work with a flash drive to copy all the photos. Is simpler this way. Your friends can contribute without making an account, keeping the sharing process very easy and simple.

The bad thing about Yogile is the monthly usage. You can use only 100MB/month. So you can use Yogile as a secondary photo sharing service.

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