HTML5 is the way of the future… am I right? Right or not, I know it’s not the first time I say this, and I bet it’s not the last one, either. There are plenty of reasons to say this, and seeing video players like FlareVideo is one of them… so let’s take a quick look at this piece of code, shall we?

FlareVideo HTML5 Video Player

Completely free and even open source, FlareVideo can be easily customized using CSS, JS and HTML, but it comes with 3 themes in the package already. Oh, my, but I forgot something: this video player falls back to Flash when an incompatible browser is being used, and if you want a demo… just hit the Play button on the homepage of the product (see link above). By the way: I love that video! 😉

Built using jQuery and jQuery UI, FlareVideo supports full screen display, autoplay, custom keyboard shortcuts, preloading/autobuffering and more. Sounds like a pretty good deal, don’t you think? I don’t know about developers, but I, as just another Internet user, would surely love to see more HTML5 players and as few Flash-based ones as possible.

Compatibility: according to its producer, FlareVideo works with Safari, Firefox and IE7+ (according to me, myself and I, it surely doesn’t work properly in Opera…)

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