Free Christmas Patterns

These days, the Internet is full of Christmas-related graphics awesomeness, but I must admit I hate placing quantity above quality, so I spent some time looking for the best Christmas patterns for all of you and here’s what I came out with…

1. slavetofashion69’s Transparent Christmas Patterns on deviantart: “Some handmade transparent Christmas patterns. Made @ 3×3″, 300 ppi – can be used for scrapbooking, making Christmas cards, etc. Fully seamless.” I really love them. Simply great!!!

2. ~flashtuchka’s Mr Jack Frost 18 Photoshop Patterns, another one found on deviantart, simply described as “18 PS CS3↑ Patterns imitating hoar rimes. seamless.” I am not totally in love with these, but I am crazy about snow/ice patterns, so here you have it!

3. has a really nice collection of no less than 50 Christmas textures – they may not be perfect, but they really make me feel some of that long gone Christmas spirit. Meeeery Christmas, ho-ho-ho!!! Click here. 😉

That’s it – better three good ones than plenty of not-so-good ones, right? Meerrrry Christmas!!! 😉

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