Google APIs & Developer Products

Impressive, that’s the keyword today. No, it has nothing to do with SEO, it’s just the fact that I came across something really impressive, namely the entire collection of Google APIs & Developer Products available to the public right as I write this, at the end of January, 2011.

What’s so special about it? Nothing really special, only the fact that I am sure most of you didn’t ever think about how many excellent products Google has on the market, starting with Android and going all the way to V8, its open source JavaScript engine. If the screenshot above is not enough, here’s what you should do: go to the page I mentioned above and point your mouse at one of the categories displayed on that page, namely Mobile, Search, Gadgets, Data APIs, Social, Misc, Ads, Geo, Tools and Chrome.

When it comes to Search, for example, you may find the Google Book Search APIs to be a pretty interesting effort, not to mention Google’s Patent Search API, but this is only a small part. To get a better view of the whole picture, just go here and take your time – there’s nothing better than enjoying these Google treasures one at a time. Hey, who knows, maybe next time when you refresh the page, there’s something new on it already! 😉

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