Having issues upgrading your WordPress plugin ?

Today I released few upgrades for one of my plugins and was very frustrated when I noticed, that updated file isn’t visible under upgrades section of wordpress.org . After I pulled half of my hair out and tried different steps I figured it out.

It was pretty simple to understand it, I was just under stress and that makes me do stupid things. So what’s the proper order…

  1. Create new directory in tags folder (dir name  = version number e.g. 2.1.0) in your WP repository
  2. Copy all files to this directory
  3. When you’re done with step above, commit all changes to trunk directory

It’s very important to follow these steps in proper order because if you won’t, it will mess up WP plugin update engine completely. One more thing… Don’t forget to update version numbers in your readme.txt and main plugin file itself.

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