If I think how many programmers are working on various projects these days, it’s always great to find a standalone program or a Web-based tool claiming to be the first one doing… something, it doesn’t really matter what. After all, most people I know only think there’s room for improvement, and not for completely new things, but the team behind IxEdit comes to claim that the truth is completely different…
… and they simply do that by saying that their product is nothing less but “the first on-the-fly interaction design tool for the Web!” Since I’ve never been crazy about this part of the development process, I can’t tell you if the claim above is true or not, but let’s take a brief look at this IxEdit thing, shall we?

Built using JavaScript, IxEdit needs to be embedded into the webpage you’re working on, its purpose being to make interactions implementation much easier to those who aren’t JavaScript gurus. With the help of a very easy to use interface, interactions can be modified and applied instantly, while being stored in a Google Gears-powered database so you won’t lose your work after refreshing or closing the page.

At last, I think you should take a look at the examples here before moving on. After all, I am sure even JavaScript experts can make their lives easier with IxEdit, so why not give it a try? 😉

Compatibility: all major browsers, as long as JavaScript works properly (yeah, that means any kind of script blockers should be disabled)

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