jQuery 1.5

Until now, we talked about a lot of jQuery plugins here, but never about jQuery itself. So far, so good – nothing that special, but today the day arrived, since the “write less, do more” JavaScript library almost every developer loves to hate or simply loves reached version 1.5. The official announcement came out less than a day ago on the official blog of the jQuery team – see it here.

If you hate reading too much mumbo-jumbo, here you have a few highlights of what’s new in jQuery 1.5:

– no less than 83 fixed bugs, with an impressive total of 460 closed tickets
– the 4437 tests suite passes in all the browsers that jQuery supports and then some, including Opera 11, Firefox 4, IE 6/7/8, Chrome 8/9/10
– the documentation for this release is available here
– the Ajax module in jQuery has been completely rewritten
– a new feature, Deferred Objects, has been introduced
– depending on the browser, the performance of some commonly-used traversal methods is now many times faster than before
– jQuery’s internal build system has also suffered some changes

For all the details, feel free to take a closer look at the official blog post I mentioned in the first paragraph. That’s all, folks!

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