jQuery Blend

These days, I think that a brilliant Web developer with a bit of talent in design can come up with amazing stuff without even touching Flash or Silverlight. Sure, I know people who unleash magic with Photoshop and a plain text editor like Notepad, but we won’t go that far today. Anyway, I am sure that some jQuery-based effects can help more people get the job done, so here’s Blend!
jQuery Blend
jQuery Blend, or just Blend, if you like to keep things short, is “a jQuery based animation/effects, progressive enhancement plugin for CSS backgrounds,” as Jack Moore, its author, describes it.

Being as small as 1.4KB, jQuery Blend allows you to add a default Blend effect, as well as Blend+Pulse and Blend+Reverse, and has been released under the terms of the MIT license. To find out more about this project and how to use it, just visit the official page (the link from the previous paragraph, of course). Other than that… just get your hands on this piece of code and play with it! After all, you know what they say… “practice makes perfection.” 😉

Compatibility: Blend has been successfully tested in Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Internet Explorer, but there are some issues with IE6 and FF2, but they are obsolete anyway, so…

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