I am sure this is not the first time or the last time I confess I am having problems managing my time, but this is a sad truth of my life I have to live with. While others envy people with expensive cars, nice houses in exotic locations or those who married models (or simply just “hot chicks,” they don’t have to be photo models, you know…), I have no problem with that, as long as those people worked hard to reach their current social status. I only envy those who can take full advantage of their time… because I don’t. 😐

jTrack Java Time Tracking Tool

With jTrack, everything should be easier. Built using jQuery and covered by the terms of the MIT License, this Web-based time tracker works without using any kind of SQL database, cookies or sessions, taking full advantage of the features offered by the jquery-json and DOMCached plugins.

Using this app is pretty easy, since you add as many tasks as needed, and then track time for each of them once a “Start” button is pressed. It may not be useful for proper time management, but you can surely watch the time spent by your wife in the kitchen to get that sandwich, for example (having some sound alerts added would be nice)…

Compatibility: according to the official page, all major browsers should handle this app nicely, even IE 6 or later, but I find it funny to see that the official page I just mentioned (see first link in the article above) has problems being displayed in Opera 10.53…

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