Some time ago, creating menus for a site was nothing less but art. I only said “menus,” yes? Good, because when talking about animated menus, we were already stepping into “Voodoo land” already, at least for most people using the Internet back then! Now, creating animated/dynamic menus has become a trivial task, and Kwicks is here to prove that.
Since this time there’s no big story to tell, let me tell you only this: Kwicks is a jQuery plugin that allows you to create horizontal menus with a nice sliding effect like MooTools, but also succeeds in being more versatile and customizable. If the image above is not enough, take a look at the demo and you’ll get the idea…

To learn how to use Kwicks, you should take a look at the official page I mentioned in the first paragraph, and since we’re only talking about basic HTML/CSS coding here… I am sure you’ll manage to create very good looking menus with this free piece of code that is Kwicks. Good luck to you all! 😉

Compatibility: all major browsers, but beware – if JavaScript is disabled, your menu won’t be animated at all, you’ll only get plain text links and nothing more!

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