Lucid Desktop

A few years ago, Web-based operating systems promised to become the way of the future. Unfortunately, most of those who were making everyone go “Wow!” back then disappeared in the meantime, so it’s always good to see new ones rising from the ashes. This time, it’s about Lucid (Lucid Desktop, if you like it long…), a rather old one, since Dojo Foundation, the company behind it, has been around since 2006.

According to its official webpage, “Lucid is a free, open source web desktop, or webOS,” offering a bunch of features everyone would expect from a WebOS, including remote access to your files, Twitter/RSS feeds updates, an even the ability to create Web apps with just a few clicks! To make everything even more interesting, Lucid offers a powerful permissions system and filesystem quotas, so setting up a multiuser environment based on it should be as easy as possible…

… and since I mentioned “setting up,” let me add that Lucid should work with any Web server that has support for PHP5 (PHP4 is not supported) and any of the popular database servers (mySQL, pgSQL, SQLite). For additional information, feel free to browse the documentation, available here. That’s all, folks! 😉

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