One of these days, I’ll celebrate my birthday. This is no big deal to me, but I told you that because my birthday is one of the few such days I never forget. Other than that, I find it pretty hart to remember even my parents’ birthdays… so something like MooGenda would really come in handy!
Before moving on, let me confess one thing – I tried to use online and offline calendar/agenda apps, and I never managed to settle with one, and enter all the data I should. Why? Simply because I think people are more important than some dates, but if you want to add a JavaScript calendar to your page… here it is: MooGenda!

MooGenda is a calendar script based on MooTools, so it has nothing to do with cows (anyway, it would have been cool to see it having a cow as mascot!). Using it is pretty easy, and extensive instructions can be found at the official page above, but you can also save some of your precious time to spend on the MooGenda Facebook group.

Compatibility: no word on the official page, so I guess any JavaScript-capable browser should run MooGenda-powered pages without any problems

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