NETEYE Activity Indicator

Another week is reaching its end and I don’t think there’s a need for a “weekend loader indicator,” although the idea would be really nice – have a display somewhere showing how much of the weekend loaded, with the 100% mark being reached on Saturday, at 0:00 AM! I know that may sound a bit strange to most of you, so we’ll only stick to the loader part, with NETEYE’s Activity Indicator tiny piece of code…

… a really straightforward way of ending this week, I think: Activity Indicator is nothing more but, as described by its creators, “a jQuery plugin that renders a translucent activity indicator (spinner) using SVG or VML.” Just… don’t take that lightly, because this light piece of code comes with some heavy features for its size and age (6.4 KB archive, version 1.0.0), as we’re going to see right away!

Requiring jQuery v1.4.2 or later, Activity Indicator offers Alpha transparency and is completely resolution independent, not to mention that it uses no images or external CSS files! According to its official page, this plugin was tested and works well with Firefox, Safari, IE and Opera, but I am sure it won’t have any problems in Chrome, either. Hey, it doesn’t! After all, the demos are running right on the homepage, so if those work well…

… then it’s “bye-bye” and, of course, “have a nice weekend” and I guess that should be all for this week! 😉

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