Nivo Zoom

No matter if you have problems with your eyes or you simply want to see a close up of some image you found on the Internet, you’ll usually end up zooming in and out. Sure, you can copy the image, paste it into your favorite image viewer (I would go with IrfanView, as always), and then zoom in as you wish, but why not be quick about it and use the facilities of image zooming capabilities offered by plugins like Nivo Zoom? Sure, there’s a little problem here – the dev behind the page you’re visiting should have been careful to add this feature…

Nivo Zoom

… but since Nivo Zoom is freely available for them to grab and use, I see no solid reason to avoid using it. Sure, page loading speed and design principles, but I am not going that far today. All I have to tell you now is that Nivo Zoom supports HTML captions, offering 5 different zoom types and optional overlay support. Even more, it has a lot of settings to mess with, and the packed version only weighs 4kb!!!

This interesting jQuery plugin is covered by the terms of the MIT License and requires, as expected, jQuery. According to dev7studios, its producer, Nivo Zoom was tested and works well with Internet Explorer 7 & 8, Firefox 3, Chrome 4 and Safari 4. That’s all, folks! 😉

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