Background Dotter

For a long time, I considered website backgrounds to be useless. Looking at sites like Twitter, I can say that I was somehow wrong. Backgrounds can look pretty good, if used wisely, but some designers consider them to be a waste of time, so ...Read More

Favicon Generator

I don’t know about you, but I always find reasons to be amazed by notorious websites that miss something. I am not talking about big things, but there are small ones that really make the difference, and today we’re going to talk about favorites ...Read More

Color Scheme Designer

While I was never really talented, I loved drawing classes during school. Now, I really enjoy watching what some designers can come up with, and that’s why I stopped at color theory today. Since web development is really close to art, choosing the right ...Read More

1001 Fonts

Looking for free fonts on the Internet is a pretty tough job, because most resources you’ll find will also contain paid ones, and since I can’t say I ever bumped into a website full of free fonts, and nothing more, I guess that 1001 ...Read More

ASCII Generator

ASCII images and text may seem like something belonging to an age forgotten, but the truth proves to be quite different. Think about having to develop a website from scratch, and having a client who also wants you to setup everything that’s related to ...Read More

Brush Portfolio

Spending quite a lot on a Photoshop license is only the beginning, and if you don’t know what I mean, just ask around and find out how people are spending to purchase brushes, shapes, fonts, as well as various plugins they need. The answer ...Read More

Logo Generator

When branding a new product or service, I think rushing in and picking the cheapest solutions available isn’t exactly a smart choice, but sometimes it’s the only choice for small startups. My opinion is that, if you really have to go down this path, ...Read More

Google Trends

Most keyword-related tools come for a pretty high price, no matter if they are online ones, or specialized programs for your PC/Mac/mobile phone. Fortunately, there’s always some freebie to put the paid ones to shame, and the first one that comes into my mind, ...Read More