Remember PickyDomains and BustAName? No need to worry if you don’t, I’ll concentrate those stories in just a few words right now: it’s all about finding the best domain name for your business – nothing less, nothing more. Well, last night I just bumped into another Web-based tool built to help us get this job done and, since I really like the way it works (the looks aren’t bad at all, either), today it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Panabee!

Panabee has a really smart name and visual image, combining a panda and a bee. Why? No need to get into that now, you can find a lot of funny facts about the site and its services in the “Umm, Panabee?” section. How does it work? It’s really simple – all you need to do is type in two words or a domain name (strange enough, it works with three words, too… but the idea is to get a domain name as short as possible, not stuff like, press that Search button and, finally, wait for a few seconds for the magic to be unleashed – what you will get is much more than just some straight suggestions based on keywords you entered – you get variations, alternate endings, a list of related terms, translations, Twitter and Facebook posts related to your search, even Google results and Wikipedia related terms. Sweet!

To give you a good example of a great domain name I found using Panabee, I just have to say that “free software” seems like a really tough name to find, since, or even stuff like are all taken, yet… is still ready for you! Feel free to consider this WebDev3000’s gift to you today. I know only one will get it, but all I can hope is that he/she will put it to good use… and drop a message below to let us know that this domain name has been taken, of course. That’s all, folks – enjoy Panabee and be nice enough to share some great finds with the rest of us, all right? Good luck! 😉

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