While in front of my computer everything’s just fine, external temperatures are going sky high these days, way above 30 degrees Celsius. No, I am not located somewhere in the middle of a desert, since I even have some nice forests about 2 kilometers from the building I live in, but… if I can start this week with something cool, there’s only one thing I can think of now: PatternCooler!
Pattern Cooler
As its name suggests, PatternCooler is a nice free website that can help you get some cool patters to use as backgrounds for the even cooler price of $0! Of course, if you want to do something different than just some website background, nothing can stop you from using the patterns generated by PatternCooler as mobile phone wallpapers, or even as Twitter and MySpace backgrounds.

Patterns can be downloaded as 260X260 pixels large PNG files, but PatternCooler also offers the chance of customizing everything about these patterns, including size. The cherry on top of the PatternCooler cake is the fact that you can create a free account and save all your “work in progress” patterns, making it easier to manage what’s cool and what’s not, since there are currently 139 patterns available to choose from, and that number is constantly growing…

Compatibility: to fully enjoy PatternCooler, you will need a Web browser with full SVG support; some features, like pattern editing, are not available in Opera, but everything seems to work fine in Flock, Firefox, Internet Explorer 8, as well as in Safari and Google Chrome

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