Those who claim that intelligence is sexy may be right, after all. Why? I never thought about programming/code to be sexy, and I wasn’t expecting to see a jQuery library with such a smart branding as Sexy.js. Now, they only need a theme song… and I can’t suggest anything else but ZZ Top’s Legs, since I think it goes perfectly with the home page of this product! 😉

Sexy.js jQuery Library

Sexy.js is a chainable library that allows you to easily manage script dependencies and write “sexy” code. While I would really like to see a nice video presentation of this lightweight JavaScript library, all I could find was this slideshow. Don’t get me wrong, this slideshow is nicely put together, but this piece of code surely deserves more!

Dual licensed under the MIT or GPL v2 licenses, Sexy.js can easily turn “ugly” code into “sexy” one, providing enhanced sequential Ajax (Sajax) functionality and coming in two versions – as a jQuery plugin, or standalone. Obviously, there’s no special requirement for it, since all major browsers can easily handle JavaScript. For a demo, take a look at this page. Enjoy!

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