Some people use PHP, others Python, and there are also a bunch of them using ASP. NET. Sure, some listen to jazz, too, so diversity can’t hurt, as long as you’re happy with the thing you got, and because I don’t want to discriminate, today I have a little something for all those into ASP. NET!
SharpPieces Rating Demo
More than just one script, SharpPieces is a collection of 8 components, all open source and free to use! The list goes here: ExtendedDropDownList, LiveGrid, FancyUpload, ImageCheckBox, Rating, DynamicImage,
CaptchaImage, GradientButton.
If I remember well, we talked about FancyUpload already, but now we’re having it as a part of a gang here…

To see all the components above in action, you should go and see the demo area and see if these sharp pieces of code match your needs or not. The whole package has about 250K in size, and the official page also offers a bunch of docs for each component. That’s all, folks, time for you to explore now! 😉

Compatibility: all major browsers, Adobe Flash and MooTools required by some component (just check the demos/documentation and you’ll get a better picture of the whole compatibility part)


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