Microsoft’s Silverlight is trying to steal a serious slice of the market share the ubiquitous Adobe Flash managed to grab so far, and maybe even outrun it. If any of these will happen, that remains to be seen, but since some people are already thinking about converting their Flash content to Silverlight format, I am sure the topic of today’s last article is a very interesting one.
SilverX is a Windows free software for doing exactly what I just said – it takes a SWF file, and it turns it into Silverlight format, allowing you to open the resulting Silverlight 3 solutions with a single click, once the conversion is complete (you should also have Visual Studio 2008 or Expression Blend 3 installed for that).

Currently, vector primitives, images, text and animations are supported, but support for more advanced Flash features, like clipping layers, sounds, buttons, filters and effects is expected to arrive in the near future. That’s it, folks, but I think waiting for a few more months before dropping Flash is the best thing to do now, especially since SilverX is only free for personal use…

Compatibility: Windows XP and Vista, probably also other versions, maybe even Windows 7 (couldn’t test on all of them, obviously)

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