So So Social

I think the World Wide Web should be renamed to WWSN. What do you think? WWSN should stand for “World Wide Social Network,” at least the way I see it. Good idea or bad idea, this surely reflects the reality of these last few years pretty accurately, so seeing more and more plugins like So So Social shouldn’t be amazing at all. Amazing or not, here it is…

So So Social is a jQuery plugin that also uses some YQL (Yahoo Query Language) and has as purpose gathering RSS feeds from various social networks you may be using and then sorting all the info there into a so-called “activity feed,” turning your online activity from multiple sources into a single data stream similar to the news feed on Facebook, for example.

Thanks to YQL, you don’t have to mess with a single line of PHP, ASP, CFM or another language, and So So Social is easily customizable via CSS and JS, having a light footprint and being extremely easy to install and fire up. Covered by the terms of the CC License, So So Social works great with all major browsers and needs jQuery and a few minutes of your precious time. That’s all, folks! 😉

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