Way after midnight, still trying to figure out what’s wrong with your code? Hey, maybe your code is perfect, but the server running it has some issues, did you consider this possibility? Well, testing the server’s speed sounds like a pretty good solution. In fact, testing how the whole site-server-code trio responds to a certain load is a great idea, so Stella is nothing more but a natural choice for this late Friday night…

… but that doesn’t mean it’s less important than other things we talked about here so far. After all, Stella is much more than a simple freebie that can tell you how fast is your site and what could be wrong with it. The official mumbo-jumbo goes like this: “When you submit a URI, Stella send real HTTP requests to the site. All of the results you see were produced by the open source tool.(..)We measure the response time of the requested URI. This tells you how your application is performing. Note that this means the page assets (images, CSS, and javascript) are not downloaded or processed in any way.”

All right, but what about the paid accounts? Take a look here and you’ll see what you can get and for how much. On the other hand, to quickly check the stuff you can get without paying a single penny, enter some URL to check in the box on the homepage or, even faster, but less satisfying for most of you, I am sure of that, just take a look at the image above. I don’t know about you, but I’ll surely keep this online service in the right folder of my bookmarks collection. That’s all, folks – have a nice weekend and stay safe! 😉

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