I like to have my music with me almost everywhere. On the other hand, I am not crazy about keeping a server running on my computer to stream my music to various devices. After all, if it can’t handle a microSD memory card, then it’s not my thing, so this issue is solved, but what about other people? Well, they already have a bunch of alternatives at hand, and streeme is one of them…

… especially since I am sure that some of you programmers out there will also like to take this piece of code for a spin, maybe even mess with it and make it better – after all, that’s why I decided to write about it on WebDev3000 in first place: what we have here is a a free and open source application, of course!

Built using PHP and MySQL, streeme has a HTML5-based frontend and works with all modern browsers you can think of, including mobile ones. In case you were wondering, the FFMPEG library is used to transcode media. Oh, yeah – one more thing: the music collection can be retrieved from any local folder and, in case you really care about Apple’s media players, it’s good to know that streeme can also use the iTunes XML file. I hate iTunes, so I couldn’t care less about this…

… and this takes us to the last line of another WebDev3000 article. Until next time, it’s bye-bye! 😉

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